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VAPPRO-ABC (Automatic Barrel Cleaning System)

VAPPRO-ABC (Automatic Barrel Cleaning) system offers revolutionary turnkey solutions for cleaning and maintaining artillery equipment, naval guns and battle tanks.

The VAPPRO-ABC system was developed by Magna International Pte Ltd to meet the challenges of operational readiness within the military fleet. With rapid development of newer weapon systems and ammunitions in today’s technological battlefields, greater demands have been placed on militay units to meet the challenges of increasing problems related to barrel cleaning and maintenance. At present, not only does artillery barrel maintenance varies in cleaning methods and maintenance cost, military units have to overcome logistical problems such as the lack of manpower and the lack of sufficient maintenance time due to large manpower required for traditional cleaning methods. In addition to these, the lack of training for the cleaning crew, insufficient supervision are problems all units have to manage.But today, with the patented VAPPRO-ABC system, such logistical problems can be reduced drastically and more importantly it enhances the operational readiness of the unit for rapid deployment.

VAPPRO-ABC(Automatic Barrel Cleaning) system offers exceptional cleaning results with minimal time required and minimal manpower to operate the portable system.

Patent No. P-No. 153707

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