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Learn more about how Vappro products can help the Military industry.

Through our years of experience with several armed forces around the world, we have accumulated not just experiences but also cutting-edge technologies to preserve all types of military vehicles. 

We have developed a cost-effective programme that is adaptable to multiple vehicles and equipment. This programme is capable of preserving equipment from corrosion and degredation over cycles of two to five years in all types of climatic conditions. 

The technological advantages of using the Vappro Preservation Management Programme as compared to the existing classic systems include the following points: 

  • Protection of least accessible spots and profiled metal surfaces
  • Easy application
  • No special surface, or initial preparation is required
  • Does not affect human health
  • Environmental friendly
  • The aspect of combat readiness
  • The economic benefit aspect
  • Provides quick mobilisation
  • Does not disturb the working functions of equipment and systems
  • Multi-metal protection
  • Minimum labour requirement
  • Short reactivation time Solutions


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VAPPRO Products suited to the Military industry