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VAPPRO-VPS (Vappro Preservation System)

Worldwide Patent Pending VAPPRO-VPS
Phasing out Conventional Methods of Military Vehicle Preservation

Touted as the world’s best preservation program for military vehicles, Magna’s specialized Vappro Preservation System (VPS) effectively renders conventional preservation methodology obsolete by the utilization of cutting-edge technology to reduce required manpower and increase productivity.

For Armed Forces around the world, heavy dependence on physical manpower has now given way to an increased demand for advanced technology to achieve optimal operational readiness in the face of new challenges and increased potential threats.

The Armed Forces employs its manpower to manually maintain the system of every vehicle every three or six months, on top of getting the engine started and running. They realized that repeating this manual procedure is tedious, time-consuming and taxing on manpower.

In the case of Armed Forces in many countries, a high level of is required to maintain land vehicles in war readiness at all times, by means of manual maintenance of the systems of each vehicle at intervals of three to six months.

The manual changing of engine oil is conducted according to OEM recommendations, on top of getting the engine started and running. Such a procedure gives rise to strain on manpower due to the tedious and time-consuming processes involved. As such,accidents and mistakes are commonplace. The conventional method is also unable to serve its preservative function effectivelyevident in the frequent corrosion of parts and joints, the breakdown of rubber and electrical components. Due to these problemmanual maintenance becomes altogether too costly.

Vappro-VPS has been developed to be user-friendly as no special infrastructure is required, and also does not require extensivtraining or a large amount of manpower to conduct system-monitoring. Since Vappro-VPS is also self-healing and self-replenishing, it is unnecessary to carry out frequent maintenance or re-application. Mobilization can be done efficiently as Vappro-VPS protectionnot have to be removed prior to re-activation. Operational readiness is assured as Vappro-VPS provides for high system portability as it does not require a permanent site, readily allowing for ease of mobilization.

Overall protection of military vehicular fleets can be achieved without going through numerous tedious procedures as Vappro-VPoffers equipment and vehicles total protection for the entire system – i.e. electronic, electrical, mechanical, fuel, hydraulic, lubrication, cooling systems, optics and weaponary, ferrous and non-ferrous metals etc.

An additional list of overall advantages of Vappro-VPS is as follows.

Advantages of Using the VPS (Vappro Preservation System):

  • Conforms to US Military Specification & with assigned NATO Stock Number. All VPS product types are listed on the NATO MCRL (Master Cross Reference List).
  • Proven method. Vappro VPS is extensively used by Armed Forces in Asia Pacific.
  • Very cost-effective as assembly parts are only required to be changed as necessary.
  • No special infrastructure or alterations to the current setup is required.
  • Mobilization is convenient and done every 2 years.
  • Quick mobilization can be conducted as no permanent fixed site is required.
  • Available in multiple forms for each unique application.
  • Efficient delivery of VPS products provides complete protection for entire systems against corrosion.
  • Self-healing and replenishing.
  • VCI Products are RoHS Compliant.
  • Nitrite-Free VCI Products.
  • All VCI Products are free from heavy metals.
  • Easy application, thus only needing minimal manpower.
  • Provides up to 24 months of continuous protection for plastic and rubber parts, as well as engine oil and fuel systems.
  • Environmentally-friendly as no harmful gases are emitted, as compared to the Nitrite based and inhibitors that contain heavy metals.

Products Suited to the VAPPRO-VPS (Vappro Preservation System) Industry