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Learn more about how Vappro products can help the Metal industry.

Your customized metal management solutions

Vappro Corrosion Control Australia is your industry partner with an extensive range of corrosion control products. Our Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) products are used around the world to protect all metals from corrosion and rust. In addition many other industries including oil and gas production and exploration, mining, maritime, manufacturing and construction, value the benefits provided by Vappro’s research capabilities and corrosion prevention innovations.

The Magna Group has developed the world’s most advanced and environmentally safe Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) technology, branded as Vappro. Using the Vappro range provides comprehensive corrosion prevention for the whole metal working industry as we have solutions that are designed to function simply, effectively, and are safe for the environment and operational personnel.

All our products are manufactured to quality certification ISO9001 and are RoHS compliant. We can offer a secure supply chain with products available, from our Melbourne warehouse, after arriving from our manufacturing plant in Singapore. All Vappro products have multi year shelf lives.

From our Melbourne facilities Vappro Australia is readily able to supply our products across Australia and New Zealand.

Vappro's wide range of VCI's corrosion and rust control products provide preservation and protection for the following applications:

  • Rust Removal - Vappro 811 & Vappro 812, liquid and gel format
  • Corrosion Prevention - Vappro 837c & Vappro 886 coatings
  • Rust neutraliser - Vappro 887
  • Engines and Gear boxes - Vappro 850
  • Pipelines - Vappro 849
  • Gantries - Vappro 886
  • Metal voids and cavities - Vappro 823

Do not let corrosion destroy your valuable plant and equipment, contact us today to discuss your corrosion challenge.

VAPPRO Products suited to the Metal industry