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About the company

About Vappro

Based in Victoria, Vappro Corrosion Control Australia is wholly Australian owned, with a manufacturing facility in Campbellfield and warehousing in Oakleigh South. Our two Directors have extensive business experience allowing the company opportunities for growth in the wide range of industries suitable for the Vappro Corrosion Control products and services.

Our principal Magna International Ltd is a fast growing company that manufactures environment friendly, biodegradable products for a cleaner, greener, better tomorrow. It was incorporated in 8th August 1990 specializing in the blending and distribution of cleaning and maintenance chemicals.

Magna International Ltd is a registered contractor with the Singapore Ministry of Finance Expenditure and Procurement Policies Unit (EPPU), and Construction Industrial Development Board (CIDB). Magna is currently supplying chemical products to Government Departments, Statutory Boards and various Government-Linked Companies.

2 Years Protection

The Vappro VCI ionic film barrier is self-healing and self-replenishing through further condensation of the vapour and protects even for packaging that is repeatedly opened. Protection typically lasts for up to 2 years, in all climatic conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Vappro VCI is cost effective. No surface preparation is required for application. No labour intensive clean up costs are required as with conventional oil coatings. Vappro VCI is fully recyclable, eliminating all waste disposal costs.

  • Vappro VCI provides total protection of multi-metals.One product is all you need to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

  • Application is simple and safe. Vappro VCI protects all recessed and non-contact areas. It is non-toxic and recyclable, alleviating health and environmental concerns.

  • Protected parts that are ready for immediate use. The layer of Vappro VCI protection does not need to be removed or degreased. No further preparation is needed before processing or installation.

  • Vappro VCI protects products of all sizes, ranging from large container shipments to miniature electronic components.