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Learn more about how Vappro products can help the Mining industry.

Corrosion within the mining industry commonly causes serious operational and safety problems. The effect of corrosion in this industry leads to the failure of parts, equipment, infrastructure etc due to rusting. For example, corroded walkway gantries and Rock Bolt failure are two very common, and dangerous, problems that need to be continually addressed. Vappro provides a range of Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) products to minimise these risks.

 These risks apply even when mines are mothballed, not just when they are operating. At this time of uncertain commodity prices our customers are using Vappro products to preserve and protect the value of their assets for future use. The cost to protect is minimal compared to the value preserved!

Use Vappro VCI's to prevent corrosion and rust in these applications common to the mining industry:

  • Rust Removal - Vappro 811 & Vappro 812, liquid and gel format
  • Corrosion Prevention - Vappro 837c & Vappro 886 coatings
  • Rust neutraliser - Vappro 887
  • Rock Bolt Corrosion Protection - Vappro 868
  • Engines and Gear boxes - Vappro 850
  • Fuel systems - Vappro 851
  • Vehicle tyres - Magna GL
  • Pipelines - Vappro 849
  • Gantries - Vappro 886
  • Metal voids and cavities - Vappro 823

Vappro make a range of Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI's) that are industrial-grade protectants that assist in preventing ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. Call us today to protect your business assets.

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VAPPRO Products suited to the Mining industry