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Magna International Publishes Research on Bio-based VCI's

Vappro Corrosion Control Australia is pleased to present a paper, published by Dr. Nelson Cheng, from our partner, Magna International Pte Ltd, on the demand for green and environmentally friendly products. The journal projects the future demands for environmentally friendly Vapour Bio Corrosion Inhibitors (VBCIs) over the traditional inorganic Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors (VCIs) and its transportability using exhaustible carrier materials such as mineral oils, hydrocarbon solvents, papers and Polyethylene films etc. It also covers the different types of Corrosion Inhibitor, Chemical Compound Structure of Vappro VBCI Organic Inhibitors, how Vappro VBCI works, the Criteria and Processes used for the development of VBCI Inhibitors including the Selection of Inhibitors, Environmentally Friendly Carriers used for the transportability of Vappro VBCIs, Test Materials Used, its Vapor Inhibition Ability (VIA) and the adsorption corrosion inhibitor mechanism.

 Please download this short paper to learn more.

 pdfThe Future Trends of VBCI Research Journal PDF

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