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Komatsu Engine Preservation Oil

Vappro Corrosion Control supplies approved preservation oils for Komatsu engines. Indeed, operators of any brand of heavy duty engines can rely on the Vappro Preservation System to preserve and protect their equipment during prolonged lay-up periods. Vappro products have been fully tested and in extensive use globally.

For use in any heavy duty engines such as: Caterpillar, Cummings, Volvo, Hitachi etc. our range of VCI blended oils are the cost effective choice to protect your equipment. Best of all, when the engine is required again for service it is ready to go. No oil change, draining or cleaning necessary. Just start it up.

A very cost effective solution as up to 2 year storage can be achieved with an add rate only 10% (by volume) of Vappro 850 into the engine. See attached brochure for more details or contact Vappro Corrosion Control Australia for more information. 

 pdfDownload Vappro850 VCI Engine Guard Brochure.pdf

pdfDownload Vappro851 VCI Fuel Additive Brochure.pdf

pdfDownload Vappro852 VCI Hydraulic Oil Additive Brochure.pdf

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