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Lupromax Newsletter - April 2013

Lupromax Sets World Record in MURI (Indonesia World Records Museum)

The Indonesia World Records Museum or MURI, its Indonesian acronym, is a unique museum founded by Jaya Suprana as a means of inspiring young Indonesians to excellence in their field of endeavor. Unlike the Guiness Book of World Records, the MURI Museum, recognizes only those in Indonesia who have attained World Record achievement in their field of expertise.

Since its beginning in 1990, the museum has given the MURI Award to the superlative of achievement in Indonesia s biggest, best, rarest and most unusual. In its 23 years of existence, MURI has honored more than 5,000 who have showed the world that the best can be found in Indonesia.

Magna s Lupromax distributor for Indonesia, Ruby Wijaja received the prestigious MURI Award for his test performance of Lupromax- EA oil additive in April 2012. The award was given in the category for Motor Cars and Motorcycles. The award itself is for the Longest Run Without Lubricant lasting more than 8 hours.

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