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Vappro 830 VCI Mineral Stone Paper

Vappro Corrosion Control Australia is pleased to announce that our partner, Magna International Pte Ltd, has received the global patent for VCI Mineral Stone Paper. This patent involves the production of VCI Paper without the use of wood pulp, as Vappro 830 VCI Mineral Stone Paper comprises a combination of calcium carbonate, silica, sand, polypropylene resin and proprietary synergistic corrosion inhibitors. Vappro 830 VCI Mineral Stone Paper is therefore a viable alternative to pulp-based standard anti-corrosion paper –without the use of trees, water, chlorine, acids or petroleum in it's production process. Vappro 830 VCI Mineral Stone Paper consists of minerals such as calcium carbonate, one of the most common substances on the planet. It is found in the shells of marine organisms, pearls, and eggshells, or as natural by-products of water and limestone  in quarries.

Magna will participate in the 2017 Global Star Packaging Award to be held in Europe with this product. Another good example of Vappro's philosophy - “Anti-corrosion technology with the environment in mind”

Please download the brochure for more details of this exciting product.

 pdfV830 Mineral Stone Paper.pdf 

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