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Vappro VBCI Long Term Coating (LTC)


Vappro Corrosion Control is pleased to announce the launch of our first long term coating impregnated with a Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI).

Corrosive elements such as sodium chloride, hydrogen sulphide, carbonic acid, moisture and other corrosive elements shorten the life span of equipment in industrial plants and oil refineries, despite of the extensive usage of water-based anti-corrosion coatings. Vappro VBCI-LTC is a solvent-based acrylic coating specially developed to provide long term protection for equipment in desalination plants against corrosion. It is a free-flowing colourless liquid developed to provides ease of inspection of the metal substrates protected. Vappro VBCI-LTC is fortified with Vappro VBCI inhibitors that provide both contact and vapour phase corrosion inhibition. It is a fast-drying coating works through a solvent-cut back mechanism, once it is dry the coating is resistant to moisture, temperature and corrosive elements attack, making it extremely useful to combat corrosion in desalination and refinery plants. 


  • Fast-drying-minimizes downtime of shutting down equipment. 
  • Fortifies with Vappro VBCI Inhibitors - provides both contact and vapour corrosion inhibition. 
  • Resistant to moisture, temperature corrosive elements attack-making it suitable for use in desalination and refinery plants. 
  • Colourless Coating - allows ease of visual inspection of protected metal substrate. 
  • Durable coating- saves cost 
  • UV and Ozone Resistant- suitable for outdoor application. 
  • Resistant to chloride and hydrogen sulphide – suitable for use in desalination and oil refinery plants. 
  • Excellent Adhesion Properties- provides long term protection. 

 See attached brochure for more details or contact Vappro Corrosion Control Australia for more information. 

 pdfVappro VBCI LTC Brochure.pdf


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