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Vappro VBCI MBR 1000 Masterbatch Polyethylene Resin for Extruding Anti-Corrosion PE Film, Shrink Film and Stretch Film.

Normal Polyethylene (PE) Film, Shrink Film and Stretch Film are used widely for packaging for both domestic and industrial applications. They are extensively used in conjunction with anti-corrosion oils and anti-corrosion coatings for packaging of different types of machinery, auto-parts, pumps, metallic components and etc against atmospheric corrosive elements and moisture. Subsequently industrial solvents, cleaners and degreasers need to be employed to remove the said anti-corrosion products resulting in generation of industrial waste, costly waste-disposable, and emitting of unnecessary volatile organic compound (VOC). The current method used of PE Film with anticorrosion oils and coatings is not an environmentally friendly approach. Hence, Vappro VBCI MBR 1000 Resin was developed to solve the said problems with the environment in mind. This article entails the details of the usage of Vappro VBCI MBR 1000, its formulation and dosages for extruding it into Vappro VBCI 826 PE Film, Vappro 826S Shrink Film, Vappro VBCI 825 Stretch Film, and the German Test Method TL 81305-002 used to evaluate the Vapor Inhibition Ability of the extruded films.


Vappro corrosion control